*All groups meet at 9am

"Faith First" Co-Ed, 50-70's

Lead by Dave and Beverly Turner &

Norm and Sheryl Ford

Rm 113

"Foundation Builders" 

Co-Ed, 40-60's

Lead by John and Leander Collier

Rm 117

Co-Ed, 30-50's

Lead by Josh and Michelle Halulko

Rm 119

Estudio Bíblico en Español

Co-Ed, 30-60's

Lead by Omar and Wendy Dume

Rm 114

"Single on Sunday" 

Women, 40-70's

 Lead by Linda Williams

Rm 116

Spanish Group

Lead by Tony and Carmen Herrera 

Co-Ed, 30-50's

Lead by Scot and Teresa Sasser

Rm 212

Parents w/ Young Children, 30-40's

Lead by Andrew and Suzette Moseley

Rm 118

Treasure Seekers 

Co-Ed, 30-70's

Lead by Steve and Wendy Fisch

Rm 115

Young Families, 30-50's

Lead by Johnathan and Shannon Ogden

Rm 214

College/Young Adult

Lead by Robbie Dawson



Life, as we know it, is completely transformed when the grace and forgiveness of Jesus Christ is received. His love, service, and reaching out to us has made all the difference.


Our only appropriate response is to give our lives to love God, love people, love service, and love the nations. As we live for the glory of the Lord, we accomplish the mission of the Lord. So, we invite you to join us in the posture which enables us to love, serve, and go wherever our Holy God leads.




5600 Coral Ridge Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33076