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at Parkridge Church

The goal of EQUIP at Parkridge is to train men and women in righteousness, that they may be competent for ministry and equipped for every good work.
(2 Timothy 3:17)


Parkridge Church has partnered with Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary's EQUIP Network to empower pastors and lay-leaders in South Florida to take an active role in furthering their theological education.

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) believes that some theological education is best done in partnership with the local church. As part of the Global Theological Initiatives at SEBTS, the EQUIP Network empowers churches and ministry organizations to offer accredited and accessible courses to students at the highest level of theological training. Students can currently earn up to 27 credit hours towards their degree program under the oversight of qualified leaders. Students may work toward a Bachelor or Master degree.

Whether you are a full-time pastor, bi-vocational pastor, church planter, missionary, or church volunteer seeking a degree or simply interested in furthering your theological education, there is an EQUIP class for you! 

Classes can also be audited for non-degree seeking students. Furthermore, EQUIP weds the seminary experience with real life ministry opportunities to provide students with the most integrative ministry training available through Practicum Courses taught on site at Parkridge Church in Coral Springs, FL. 

These are "field-based" courses that are equivalent to those taught at the Seminary. Field Instructors hold a doctorate degree (Ph.D., Ed.D., D.Ed.Min., or D.Min.) and have significant ministry experience. Instructors equip students through a combination of classroom instruction, ministry related experiences, and mentoring relationships. Classes are provided with the working adult in mind.

Students registered in the EQUIP classes can elect to take a single class or as many classes as they wish as classes are offered. There are no requirements in how many courses a student should take. Students are free to take classes that fit their particular interests and schedule. Classes repeat through a 2-3 year cycle.


Course Format:

  • 24 hours of classroom meetings during the semester

  • 14 hours of related practical experiences

  • 12 pages of writing for Master level (less for Bachelor level)

  • 900 pages of reading for Master level (less for Bachelor level)

  • Night classes provided one evening per week.

  • Accelerated 8 week classes

Course Schedule:

Fall 2019 

  • Developing a Church Planting Methodology

  • Administration and Education in the Local Church

  • North American Church Planting 

  • International Church Planting 

*Class schedule may change, call or check the website for details. 


Rico Balzora, Ph. D., D.Min. -- Field Instructor

Eddie Bevill, D. Min. -- Field Instructor

Brad Boyette, D. Ed. Min. -- Parkridge Church Program Director and Field Instructor

Tuition Rates: 

Students who are seeking credit for a degree must enroll through Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and obtain a student I.D. number. Current rates ('18/'19) for a member of a Southern Baptist church seeking credit are:

  • B.A. $348 per credit hour

  • M.A./M.Div. $276 per credit hour

Non-Degree Students: Full-time Pastors, Bi-Vocational Pastors, and

Lay-Leaders may take any Equip class at Parkridge Church for an administration fee of $150.00 (not including books). A non-degree seeking student is expected to attend all classes and do all the assignments in the course syllabus.


Determine your track (Degree or Non-Degree)

If Non-Degree, contact the Parkridge Church Program Director to enroll for a class

If Degree, Apply to become a student at SEBTS (APPLY HERE)

Once you have been accepted and receive a student ID number, contact the Parkridge Church Program Director to register for a class. 


For more information about registering at SEBTS click HERE.  

For more information about EQUIP at Parkridge call or email the Program Director, Brad Boyette at 954-346-9009 EXT. 105  --

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